July Specials

This July transform your home with our great specials:

  • Superwood / MDF Skirting
    From R21.50/m
  • Hardwood Skirting
    From R34.00/m
  • Wall to Wall Carpet
    From R279
  • 2mm Combilay
    From R19.99
  • Wood Laminates
    From R199
  • Wood Vinyl
    From R179
  • Porcelain Tiles
    Glazed 600×600 From R185
    High Gloss 600×600 From R459
    Glazed Woodlook 200×1200 From R255
    Matt/Slip Resistant 600×1200 From R235
    Matt/Slip Resistant 800×800 From R195

All Prices exclude VAT and are only valid for the month of July. Get in touch with us at Ballator for a free consult and quotation.

Q1: What are the July specials at Ballator?

A1: Our July specials are fantastic promotions on a wide range of home improvement products. This July, you can enjoy special pricing on Superwood/MDF Skirting, Hardwood Skirting, Wall to Wall Carpet, Combilay, Wood Laminates, Wood Vinyl, Porcelain Tiles, and more. These offers are designed to help you transform your home at affordable prices.

Q2: How much does Superwood/MDF Skirting cost during the July special?

A2: During our July special, Superwood/MDF Skirting is available starting from just R21.50 per meter. It’s a cost-effective way to add a finishing touch to your home’s interior.

Q3: What’s the pricing for Hardwood Skirting in July?

A3: You can take advantage of our July special with Hardwood Skirting starting at R34.00 per meter. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a premium and durable skirting option.

Q4: Are the prices for Wall to Wall Carpet really as low as R279?

A4: Yes, they are! Our July special offers Wall to Wall Carpet starting from just R279 per square meter. It’s an excellent opportunity to add comfort and warmth to your home at an unbeatable price.

Q5: Tell me more about the Combilay special pricing in July.

A5: During our July special, you can get 2mm Combilay for as low as R19.99. Combilay is a versatile underlay for various types of flooring, providing added insulation and comfort.

Q6: What are the prices for Wood Laminates and Wood Vinyl during July?

A6: In July, you can elevate your home with Wood Laminates starting from R199 and Wood Vinyl starting from R179 per square meter. These flooring options offer both style and durability.

Q7: Can you provide details about the Porcelain Tiles on special this July?

A7: Certainly! Our July specials include Porcelain Tiles, with Glazed 600×600 tiles starting from R185 and High Gloss 600×600 tiles from R459. You can also find Glazed Woodlook 200×1200 tiles starting at R255, and Matt/Slip Resistant 600×1200 tiles from R235, and Matt/Slip Resistant 800×800 tiles from R195.

Q8: Do the prices mentioned include VAT?

A8: No, the prices mentioned exclude VAT. Please keep in mind that these prices are exclusive of VAT and are applicable for the month of July.

Q9: How can I get in touch with Ballator to take advantage of these specials?

A9: It’s easy to connect with us! Simply reach out to Ballator for a free consultation and quotation. You can contact us through our website or get in touch via phone or email. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any questions and provide you with the information you need to make the most of our July specials.

Don’t miss out on the incredible July specials at Ballator! Contact us today to transform your home with quality products at exceptional prices.

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