Smart home convenience with PowerView®

Our innovative wireless system lets you control any Luxaflex® PowerView® window blind according to the times you set day or night.

It’s easy to use the PowerView® App to control your blinds with the swipe of a finger. Create customised settings that move each of your blinds to your preferred positions, then automate the setting to operate on their own throughout the day or night.

You can even schedule settings to move your blinds at sunrise or sunset based on your location. The App is compatible with Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

Enjoy perfect light and privacy, energy efficiency, and smart home convenience – all delivered automatically with PowerView®.

Remote Control Made Simple

A modern answer to clunky remote controls of the past. The handheld Pebble® Remote easily operates up to six different window treatments, gives you on-demand control, and comes in a range of stylish colours.

If you’re worried about misplacing it, opt for the wall-mounted Pebble® Surface Remote for direct adjustments at your fingertips.

Whether up, down, tilt, or traverse that you can control it via the PowerView® App or via one of our stylish Pebble® remotes.

Easy and convenient!

How do I control my blinds when I’m not at home?

For additional security when you’re not home, adjust your shades on your mobile device or tablet with our Remote Connect™ feature. With the PowerView® App, you can create personalised settings to control all the blinds in your home together or in any combination you desire.

How do you move blinds automatically?

Just imagine if your blinds could automatically open at 7:30 AM to wake you up naturally..

At the same time, all the blinds in your home will open too!

Is the sunlight too harsh in the middle of the day?

No problem! Just create a setting to lower your blinds at a time when the sun is high.

Then at night time, without even touching your blinds, they will close automatically based on your preferred settings.

What are the benefits of PowerView® automated blinds?

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you invest in Luxaflex® Powerview Automated blinds;

  • Smart home convenience
  • Enhanced privacy & security
  • Easy to use
  • Child safe with cordless control
  • Remote control, App, or voice control
  • Control multiple blinds automatically
  • Works with leading smart home systems
  • Perfect for every window & door
  • Improves your homes energy efficiency
  • Protects furnishing from UV rays
  • No wiring required
  • Built-in Li-ion batteries
  • Expert setup and installation

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